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The Cateran Group is a dynamic consulting & sales agency connecting innovative brands and products to intelligent businesses and consumers.





First Class Culture - Engagement

Career Path - Sustainable Lifestyle

Personal Development - Team Progress

At the Cateran Group, we believe that cultivating and maintaining a first class culture requires transparency, vigilance, and an overall understanding that consistent engagement between everyone involved is the only way to build something that will stand the test of time.

We strive not only to help provide a viable career path that can lead to lucrative future opportunities but also to emphasize and remain true to a spirit of symmetry that enables us to all have a work-life balance that allows for a well rounded life and sense of perspective.

By continuously addressing and focusing on personal development on a small scale as individuals, we create an environment that undeniably fuels and perpetuates overall team progress and leads to eventual large scale victories for the Cateran Group and our corporate clients. 

Ian McClain

Founding Partner

Megan Montgomery

Program Manager

Sam McClelland

Strategic Consultant




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